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Something For Everyone!

24 Hour Access

Workout anytime

Free Group Training

50+ Group classes each week

Free Weights

Bench, squat, dumbells you expect


Ropes, tires & more

Childcare Available

We watch your kids

Lap Pool

For adults only

Family Pool

Lots of fun for your kids

Batting Cages

Improve your swing


Sports Training

Onsite Healthy Eating

Fast healthy meals for busy people

It’s Totally Affordable

How affordable is $15? Here are a few other things that cost around $15.

  • At least two grande coffees from Starbucks
  • The Premium viewing package on Netflix
  • A meal for your family at a fast food restaurant.
  • About half a tank (or less) of gas
    A mediocre bottle of wine

So, what’s the better use of your money? In the long run, you’ll be saving money by joining The Plex!

Really, you can’t afford not to. Staying healthy and in shape can help you avoid outrageous doctor bills in the future!

Got Your $15 REady?

Fitness is a lifestyle,
Not a hobby

Mon-Thur: 6am to 8pm
Fri: 6am to 6pm
Sat-Sun: 12am-6pm

24-Hour Gym Access Available Everyday

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