Every Kid Healthy Week!


This year, in observance of Every Kid Healthy Week, HealthCARE Express and The Sportsplex want to help celebrate and support sound nutrition, regular physical activity, and other health-promoting programs.

What is Every Kid Healthy Week (EKHW)? EKHW is a weeklong national observance during the week of April 23-27 (So it’s coming soon!) created to bring health consciousness and awareness to the forefront of the minds of parents and children. EKHW focuses on improving health and wellness of children not only so that they can lead healthier and happier lives, but doing so also helps them become better prepared to learn in school! A healthy body equals a healthy mind, after all.

HealthCARE Express and The Sportsplex will be hosting different events during the week, doing something special each day to bring attention to EKHW.

Monday, April 23rd you can join HealthCARE Express and their lovable mascot, Klondike, as they go for a stroll around the park (will be specified what park when that info becomes available). Tuesday will follow with us hosting a family fitness night! Bring your whole family to The Plex and exercise together. Kids learn by example, so there’s no better way to let them know how to be healthy than by showing them! On Wednesday, (name of store) will be hosting a healthy snack taste testing event! Come and try out different fruits, vegetables, and other snacks to find healthy alternatives to food you and your children may be eating. Thursday will be the return of our successful, Yoga in the Park event out at Spring Lake Park! Come out with your children and learn how to do yoga together. Everyone there is of varying skill levels, so don’t worry about you or your children embarrassing yourselves. Finally, on Friday EKHW cumulates with us finishing the week off at (name of business) where you can bring your kids for a healthy and fun time!

Along with these daily activities, we will also be posting daily challenges to our Facebook page, so be sure to check in every day to see what we will have going on! If you post pictures or videos of you and your family participating in these challenges you will be entered in a drawing for an awesome prize! Each day you participate counts as another entry, so participate in the challenges every day for better odds!

Sounds fun, right? We can’t wait to see what you guys do to helps us celebrate this week!

Your family at The Plex