Sign Up for the Summer XLR8 Program by May 18 to receive $50 off!


Are your young athletes ready to take athletics training to the next level? You don’t want your young sports stars to fall out of practice over the summer, and there’s no better way to keep them in tip top shape than enrolling them in the XLR8 summer program! XLR8 will strengthen the skills of the athletes enrolled and help them tap into potential that they didn’t even know was there.

The summer open enrollment for classes will run through the end of May. Training will begin on June 4 and will continue until August 9. For students involved in football and volleyball, the training season is a bit shorter, ending on July 29 before the season begins at school. Training opportunities are available for every athlete from kindergarten to the professional level. They don’t have to be the best player, but they have to have the drive to get there! Students need to come and be prepared to be pushed to the limit so that they can surpass what they thought they were capable of. Classes run for an hour and are offered several times a week. Each class is broken down into age groups, so no one has to worry about being put in a group with athletes much older than them!

Get yourself or your student athletes ready for the fall season by training with XLR8. Focus on increasing endurance, building strength, raising speed, and conditioning muscles, so that you or your athlete will be at peak performance at whatever sport is played.
If you sign up by May 18, you will receive $50 off your registration!

To register, or for more information, call John Clack at 903-908-7105 or Dave Welch at 903-733-7105. You can also check out the website here!