Yoga for the Fam


By Chase Livingston

If you feel like you are stressed out and stretched thin, it is likely your child is feeling the same way. Living in a fast-paced society with emerging technologies and distractions constantly bombarding us, we tend to lose touch with ourselves. The same is true with our children. As adults and kids alike, we do not notice our quick and shallow breathing as we rush around and how our body posture is compromised from cellphone use and video gaming. We constantly whoosh from work/school to sports/extra-curricular, keeping everyone fed, clothed, rested and happy while running errands in between the chaos. It is great to work hard to reach our goals and provide for the family, however, it is still important we make time to connect with those we find important in our lives. Possibly, it is even more important to connect with ourselves by placing awareness back into our bodies, our minds, and our breath. Yoga is a great way to destress WITH your children while teaching them the importance of mind-body health.

Yoga in western culture is exploding right now, but not just with millennials and stay-at-home moms. Children benefit greatly from the fundamentals they learn and apply in yoga. According to Harvard Health, yoga and mindfulness offer children a ton of benefits. It is proven that, from a psychological standpoint, yoga enhances memory, fosters higher self-esteem, inspires better academic performance, and improves classroom behavior. Not to mention, the physical aspects of improved balance, strength, and aerobic exercise. Society is experiencing a break in what traditional yoga is thought to be in our society. Yoga with children does not have to be limited to Asanas and Pranayama breathing, it can (and should) be fun and interactive including games, exercises, and even some animal noises!

Parents and their kids can spend anywhere from ten minutes to an hour several times a week practicing their favorite poses, becoming more physically active, and spending quality time together. They could also benefit from spending several minutes practicing yoga or mindful meditation in the mornings before school to help prepare for the day, or after school to help unwind.

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Chase Livingston is a certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports and Medicine. He holds both Yoga and Meditation certifications, and he enjoys helping others unify mind, body, and spirit.