How $1.83 Can Completely Change Your Life


It sounds too good to be true, but it’s not.

$1.83 is all it takes to improve every aspect of your life.

It will improve your health.

It will improve your sleep.

It will improve your marriage.

It will make your relationships better.

You’ll have more energy with your family.

Your sex life will improve.

You will make more money.

You will be more productive.

You will respect yourself more.

Others will respect you more.

All for $1.83 per day.

I’m not joking. 

Let me explain.

Your health is where everything begins in life.

It doesn’t matter how rich you are,

If you have poor health, you are still poor.

It doesn’t matter your social status.

If you have poor health, it means nothing.

It doesn’t matter what a beautiful family you have started if you never have the energy to make magic moments with them.

Getting your health in-check spills into every area of your life.

It makes you more effective, more ambitious, and, most importantly, more confident.

All it takes is $1.83 per day.

A monthly membership at our gym is $55 per month on a 12 Month Contract.

That averages out to $1.83 per day.

That gets you started.

The magic happens the moment you step into the gym.

You can get in shape at any gym, but the odds are in your favor at The Sportsplex.

We are a community of driven individual of various stages of life and fitness.

We have trainers to help you get started and stay accountable, group classes to integrate you into the community and make it more fun, and a laundry list of amenities to make your fitness journey an enjoyable one.

Invest less than two bucks a day in yourself and make a commitment that will improve every area of your life.

If you are ready to make this commitment, click here and let’s completely change your life.