How to achieve any goal (seriously)


By Ryan Williams

I am writing this post because it is the New Year.

I know many people have some ambitious goals.

Not just fitness related either.

Yes we run a gym but we want you to become your best self, regardless.

Whether than means becoming a better salesman or losing 20 pounds,

This system works.

I’ve spent years trying to tackle new goals,

And this method is the best I’ve found.

So let’s get to it…

  1. Figure out your ONE TOP PRIORITY goal

Yes, just one goal.

Start writing now if you’d like.

But write all the goals you have.

Lose 20 pounds.

Read 10 books.

Meditate 3x a week.

Whatever they are, you have to pick ONE.

It’s going to hurt to pick one, because we are human and we care about lots of things.

The main reason we do this is FOCUS.

You can try to do several goals at once, but you will only be giving a fraction of yourself to each.

Ask yourself this question…

“What is one goal, that if achieved, would make the next 365 days the best 365 days?”

It doesn’t have to be figured out today.

Meditate on it.

Pull out your notes in your phone when you find clarity.

Write it down if you keep a journal on you.

Then after you go to bed, wake up and look at your list and ask…

“If I achieved this goal, by what percentage would my life improve?”

We are picking ONE BIG GOAL.

Once you pick your goal,

2. Build your system to achieve the goal.

This part is easy.

Just ask yourself,

“If I could only do 1-3 things to achieve my top priority goal, what would those 1-3 things be?

Why do this?

It erases the fluff.

We take advantage of the 80/20 rule.

80% of your results come from 20% of your efforts.

So what are those things that deliver the most results.

If you are a salesman and your big goal is become the top salesman in the company,

your process might be:

-Make 50 calls every day

-Read 1 sales book every month

-Go to one sales seminar every quarter

If you want to lose weight it may be:

-Drink one gallon of water every day

-Workout 3-5 times per week

-Sleep 7-9 hours every night

Figure out where you can get your best results from the least amount of effort.


3. Block off time for your goals everyday

You can’t expect to achieve your goals if you never make time for them.

If you are just waiting to see what time you have left at the end of the day, you’ll never get results because there is no consistency.

Whatever you can realistically squeeze in every day whether it be 1 hour or 4, schedule it.

Then with some of this time…

4. Evaluate yourself weekly

You can’t improve very much without measuring.

Plus when you check in every week, you get to see how far you have come.

You are also zooming out a bit.

Sometimes you fall off for a day and feel like you have messed everything up.

But what about for the week?

Or for the month?

Count those wins.

They add up fast and you will have to rely on them when you aren’t feeling your best.

And perhaps your original 3 tasks weren’t the best options.

This weekly assessment allows you to tweak your process when needed.




And last but not least…

5. Write down your goals like they have already happened

Don’t ask me why this works…

But it does!

Every goal I have done this with, I have achieved.

A couple years ago I had gotten out of a long term relationship and had some time to process it.

I sat down and wrote everything about the wife I WANTED.

But I wrote it like she was already in my life.

I wrote things like…

-My wife has beautiful brown hair and eyes.

-She supports me and all my crazy dreams

-She is easy to get along with and always down for adventure

And wouldn’t you know…

I am marrying her this year.

I am not saying this to brag on my fiancee (But you can’t rack up too many points, fellas)

*humble flex, here she is*

I am simply saying magic happens when you speak as if your dreams are already yours, 

Time just hasn’t caught up yet.

And that’s it.

Contact me in a year if this process worked for you.

And if your goal is fitness related, click here.

Thanks for reading, folks!

Now go forth and do great things!