The Privilege of Pain


Pain is never talked about as a desirable aspect of life.

As a matter of fact, most of us us tend to avoid it.

However, pain is one of the greatest privileges we have on this earth.

There is no growth without pain.

There is no self-discovery without pain.

You don’t find what you really want in this world without going through what you don’t want.

Those toxic boyfriends or girlfriends you had in the past were the pain you had to endure to fully appreciate the right one when they came into your life.

You can’t really develop real confidence without pain because overcoming pain allows you to believe in yourself.

In the gym, you can’t build your muscles, increase your cardio, or improve your flexibility without going through a bit of pain.

That is why I say pain is a privilege.

Because it is the stepping stone for all the good stuff in life.

So don’t run from that argument with your spouse. See how it can improve your communication and overall relationship.

Don’t be discouraged when times get tough in life, it is just making you stronger for the next challenge.

And, certainly, don’t get lost in comfort. Nothing beautiful or meaningful came from comfort. 

Almost all of us are guilty of binging Netflix,or eating unhealthy from time to time, or just being plain lazy.

But you have the ability to self reflect and find where you could be challenging yourself to become stronger.

Honestly, any facet of life, whether it be health, wealth, emotional, mental, physical or other, you must strain in order to grow.

And beyond all this, pain is unavoidable.

The thing is, you can choose whether you want it now or later.

Hard choiceseasy lifeEasy choiceshard life.”-Jerzy Gregorek

You can avoid the pain of getting your heart broken and never try to have a serious relationship, but you’re gonna suffer later because you’re lonely.

You can grab McDonald’s on the way home from work and skip the gym, but you will have to pay for it later. 

You can agree with others on everything to avoid conflict, but you will get run over and never respected.

So now that you have considered this, what kind of pain do you want?

What price are you willing to pay now to have it better down the road?

Do you want the easy life now or later?

It is a decision we must make everyday.

Choose wisely.