5 Reasons CrossFit Is the Best Workout for You

Evan Lawson

With the best coach, CrossFit can be an incredible workout. The premise of CrossFit is one of bringing individuals of varying shapes and sizes to an improved state of wellness with an exceptionally intense workout, albeit surrounded by an atmosphere of camaraderie.

The training means testing physical strength or a level of conditioning in different areas daily with no designated specialty. Instead, the goal is to establish a sound, functioning whole body. The workout is exceptionally unique from what you would experience with a gym routine.

The coaches tailor the routine to suit the individual’s ability, lifestyle, and health profile. In other words, the fitness routine is set each day for all individuals but scaled or modified according to skill level. 

You’ll progress toward the full program as you grow stronger and more capable. What are the expert-backed benefits of CrossFit, and why is it the best workout for you? Let’s learn.

Why Is CrossFit the Best Workout for You

A primary component of CrossFit that many people find appealing is the camaraderie among members who band together in exceptional inclusivity and support of one another. 

It allows those with feelings of perhaps inadequacy or intimidation about starting a program, which many people feel in the beginning, to instantly find acceptance and become comfortable and ready to move forward. 

And because there’s such a consistency with the routine, you develop the sensation like something is missing if you skip a day. While the suggested protocol is “3 days working to 1-day break,” many people tend to show up more often, finding the experience addictive. 

What would enthusiasts consider to be the “expert-backed” benefits of CrossFit? Let’s look at what most people find favorable about the workout.

  • The camaraderie draws a crowd

Many people appreciate the support and encouragement of the other members. There is no specific age group and no specialty with the program. Anyone of any shape, size, or skill level can join, and everyone within your sector cheers you on. 

It’s a team effort, with the entire group encouraging the other members for optimum personal success. Plus, if you happen to miss a session, everyone notices and will call to find out what’s wrong.

  • The coaches are consistent and supportive

The coaches don’t provide individual training, but they’re also more present than you would find in a gym setting where it’s uncertain if your movements are correct. The coach is available with each session and ready to assist anyone who needs help.

  • You can pace yourself 

Leveling up occurs at your own pace and is relatively easy to monitor since you log the weight you lift along with the number of sets and reps. This allows you to take note of the gradual improvement and steady progression toward the prescribed program.

  • It’s a personal challenge and helps develop fitness and endurance

CrossFit physically challenges the whole body, ultimately developing exceptional muscular endurance and stamina, and creating overall fitness. Not only will you feel your best, but you’ll look good and be prepared to participate in almost any athletic activity.

Final Thoughts

CrossFit is an ideal workout for anyone to get started with, regardless of shape, size, or skill level. The program can be tailored to suit your capabilities and progress at your pace. 

The premise is to encourage a strong, healthy whole body that feels good and is prepared for virtually any physical activity with little chance of being hindered. Plus, you have the added bonus of looking phenomenal.

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