Self Care: Take Care of You

Lauren Butler

We are living in crazy times!

With everything going on in today’s world it’s hard to maintain a positive outlook and hope for the future. Issues at the local, state, and national levels threaten our happiness daily. I often find myself questioning if and when it will stop.

So what can we do to offset your worries and fears about these pressing issues?

Physical self-care.

What is physical self-care?

Physical self-care is necessary to lead a healthy lifestyle. Research shows that there are multiple benefits, both physical and mental, to adding simple physical activities to our self-care routine. This includes any activities that incorporate bettering and/or maintaining our body’s health and well-being.

Manicures, massages, and facials are some superficial physical self-care activities to partake in. Activities such as these connect us to how our body feels. Although appearance-focused, our feelings about ourselves determine overall health.

Our physical health is also a realization of things going on inside our bodies. Stress takes a major toll on us – and it shows. However, when we take the time to take care of ourselves, we are actively choosing to treat our body like a temple.

Benefits of a positive physical self-care routine include:

-Improved productivity

-Prevention of disease

-Improved energy

-Better life expectancy

-Reduced stress

You Are What You Eat

As the saying goes, what you put into your body affects your total health. Replace bad eating habits with smarter ones. This may take a little work, but it will without a doubt have lasting positive effects.

Walk A Mile In Your Own Shoes

Not only does exercise contribute to an improved physique, it also improves brain function. Endorphins-defined as “chemical signals in the brain that block the perception of pain and increase feelings of wellbeing” – are released during physical activity. In addition, exercise decreases cortisol – a stress-inducing hormone.

When looking for an exercise habit find something that you enjoy doing and will fit into your schedule. There are multiple options you can try – Yoga, Pilates, cycling, weightlifting, or going for a walk are just a few.