The Dirty Little Secret Most Other Gyms Don’t Want You To Know About.


You are probably already familiar with this, but you’ve just never heard it put into words before.

Have you ever gone to a new gym…

Everyone is enthusiastic towards you while signing up, but after you become a member, it doesn’t seem like they care if you fail or succeed!

It’s very common.

But here’s why it happens…


You are under contract, generating them money every month.

What do they care if you lose the weight you wanted or put on the muscle you’ve been dreaming of?

I can’t speak for every gym, because I certainly believe there are some gyms like us at the Sportsplex that truly care about your fitness goals.

Whether you’re just getting started or getting started back after COVID, we have everything you could possibly need to stay on track.

Whether you need a trainer to stay on you and hold you accountable or just prefer exercising with a group to take the monotony out of showing up to the gym every day, we know we can take away the fear of letting another New Year’s Resolution come and go with no results.

Our trainers have produced incredible results for our members, and we offer over 70 complimentary group exercises per month from spin to yoga to dance.

Then, when you get done, you can hit our saunas and enjoy a fresh meal from our on-site cafe to fuel up properly and not let your work go to waste.

So, come change it up this year!

Sign up to a gym that cares AFTER you sign up, too.

I would be willing to bet, you’ll see progress like you’ve never seen before.

If you are interested in trying a free week so I can back up what I’m promising, click here to get started