3 Tips to Get Over the Dread of Going Back to the Gym


Look, we’ve all been there.
Especially this year when we didn’t have a choice but to be stuck in our homes for an extended period of time.
You sit out of the gym for a little while, and you feel how out of shape you have gotten and you know it is gonna be tough to get back to where you used to be.
It is daunting.
It is stressful.
You wish you could hit the easy button and transform to where you were before Covid or high school or whenever it was that you felt good.
Or maybe you never had any guidance growing up and you don’t feel like you have EVER been in very good shape.
Well, I won’t lie to you…
It will take work.
It will take consistency.
It will take time.
But you can stack the odds in your favor.
That’s why I’m bringing these 3 things to your attention!

The first tip is Group Exercise.
Exercising with other people takes the “work” out of working out.
You are surrounded by good energy.
You have people all around you with similar goals.
Them being there helps you push through the workout.
And by the time you get through, you can’t even believe it has been an hour.
And oftentimes, you wish it was longer!
At the Sportsplex, we offer over 70 Complimentary Group Exercise classes per month for our members to take advantage of.
So you don’t have to walk into the gym and see 100’s of machines and feel overwhelmed.
Ease into it with group workouts.

Next, we have Personal Training.
Sometimes it is just difficult to hold yourself accountable when you are starting out.
You haven’t re-established your identity as a gym goer and healthy eater yet.
All you need is a little help.
We have trainers that will set you up with workouts that will whip you into shape and meal suggestions to get your nutrition to where it needs to be in order to meet your goals.
If you struggle with staying committed, a trainer is all it takes to push you to keep the promises you made to yourself

Lastly, Treat Yo Self.
Staying committed to a gym and diet routine is difficult if you don’t like any part of it.
How about you start rewarding yourself?
We have saunas and a steam room for you to relax and unwind in after you get done with your workout.
Think about the reinforcement your brain gets if you treat yourself every time you workout with 20 minutes of quiet in the sauna every day.
It will start to crave going to the gym.
Once you hit that point, how easy will it be to keep up?
Pretty easy if you ask me.

And that’s it!
3 ways to make the gym less dreadful to get started or started back up.
I hope this has been helpful.
If you want to come to try us out, click here.