3 Things Your Personal Trainer Wants YOU to know!


1: Find Your Why

Your “why should be the thing that drives you to achieve your fitness goals.

Your WHY is your purpose, cause, or fundamental belief. It’s the driving force behind all that you do. Your HOWs are the actions you take when you’re at your best, to bring your WHY to life. Your WHATs are the jobs you perform or the products/services you deliver.

The why that gets you out of bed and in that car and gets you in the gym. It must invoke an emotion: a very strong emotion within you that carries you through the day when your mind is telling you to quit.

Your why must be your driving factor. Know the difference between a WHAT and a WHY. You may want to lose weight, and that is WHAT you are going to do; BUT WHY do you want to lose weight? This will be what drives you when your mind is telling you to quit.”

For example, “I want to lose weight. WHY? So that I can play on the floor with my grandkids and not worry about pain or an inability to get back up.”

That is a why. The why is because YOU want to play with YOUR grandkids. In the end, your goals and aspirations need to be about you and for you. This is your life, so be honest with yourself about WHY you want to do something.”

Nobody else can tell you what your why is.

We are here to provide accountability and motivation, but at the end of the day, YOU HAVE TO WANT IT. Our Trainers can give you the best workout and nutrition guidance, but only you have the power to put in the work every day to change your life.

 A personal trainer is proven to optimize and help you get the best value of your gym membership.

Personal trainers not only reduce the chance of injury by encouraging proper form and techniques but also ensure you are taking the right steps towards your specific fitness goals.

When searching for your why it may help to unplug from technology, open your heart, and ask yourself again.

2: Consistency Compunds Your Results

Lack of consistency is easily one of the most relatable struggles on your fitness journey.

Consistency is a factor that compounds your results. If you’re disciplined enough to create a habit, you’ll see massive rewards in the future. By sticking with your plan and holding yourself accountable you can allow your effort to compound with consistency.

 It’s normal to feel uncomfortable when you’re beginning your fitness journey.

Comfortability is one of the reasons people develop health conditions in the first place. It is comfortable to eat cheeseburgers and drink beer every night. It is comfortable to grab a quick fast-food meal instead of taking the time to meal prep or cook yourself a healthy dinner.

Consistency is important is because your comfort zone will begin to expand as the days compound. As you stay consistent in the gym, you will begin to learn more about the exercises you’re doing, how certain movements feel, and how different amounts of weight feel.

This feeling of COMFORT in your ABILITY to execute weighted movements will grow into confidence in your understanding and knowledge of what works for you. You will find your “niche”.

3: Nutrition

Fitness is 80% about what you put in your mouth.

The choices you make and the things you do outside the gym have a direct impact on your fitness journey.

So many of us have fallen victim to starting out strong and excited about a new thing, only to get fed up and discouraged later. We go to the gym day after day but are only seeing mediocre results. Then we get demoralized and start caving to unhealthy eating habits. Eventually, we lose the consistency of daily effort and then give up completely.

 So how do we avoid that? You must be disciplined. Keeping that WHY in the front of your mind will help with this.

If you are disciplined and committed to the plan you laid out for yourself, you will have created a habit of eating healthy and it will become a part of your everyday life.

As with everything in life, starting is the hardest part. You will be uncomfortable for a little bit, but once it becomes a part of your life, it won’t seem as difficult as it did when you first began.

 Our personal trainers are certified and able to create a nutrition plan for you to stay consistent.